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Magnet Schultz Ltd offers a huge range of solenoids and actuator assemblies.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to select the solenoid or electric actuator solution that’s best for you.

Choosing the perfect actuator for your application can be challenging, especially with industry-specific applications, where systems are required to withstand harsh conditions, and even where aesthetics are important.

Our experienced technical support team is available to answer all your questions and to help you select the most appropriate actuator solution for your needs.

Browse our technical information and data sheets, then contact us to discuss your enquiry or place an order.

Assemblies & mechanisms

With thousands of solenoid and actuator products, there could be a standard assembly in our range that will save you the time and expense of developing your own.

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Do you need a specialised actuator solution for your industry or application? Or are you looking for a partner in the development of something completely new? We can help.

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Are you looking to build your own assembly and need to find a component or actuator part (such as a position sensor or an electromagnet)?

Look at our component range or View our Solenoid Selection Guide.


Technical information to help you select the right components for your application


GXX defines technical terms and principles for DC solenoids manufactured to VDE 0580

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