Our solenoids, electromagnets and electric locks are proving critical in medical applications.

Posted on 8 May 2021 by Robert Kershaw

Many of our products are deployed in medical applications, including surprisingly innovative uses for precision solenoids. Here’s a round-up of some of the ways our solenoids and electromagnets contribute to the goals of businesses active in the medical sector.

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Magnets in medical technology

The Lock for Lifts

Posted on 5 January 2021 by Lewis Sheldrake

In recent times we have had enquiries about approving a locking device to the Lifts Directive. We have news!

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Feliz Navidad from Spain

Posted on 4 January 2021 by Robert Kershaw

Just before Christmas, a customer in Spain contacted us about his solenoid application that punches paper tape rolls for music boxes, with the festive song Feliz Navidad used to demonstrate the delicate instrument.

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Music Box

It’s always rewarding to receive thanks from customers.

Posted on 17 December 2020 by Tim Lloyd

As a supplier, it’s quite unusual to receive a Christmas gift from a customer. Isn’t that the wrong way round, according to some kind of social business protocol? Nonetheless, it's always rewarding to receive thanks.

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Customer thank you note

Small silver lining from Covid-19 benefits hospice.

Posted on 11 December 2020 by Robert Kershaw

There’s not much positive news to share about the impact of Covid-19. But in a way, the impact of coronavirus is indirectly responsible for us being able to increase our Christmas charitable donation to the Woking & Sam Beare Hospice.

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