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Our expertise on Security Door Locking shared by SJUK magazine

Tim Lloyd shares our expertise in solenoid electric locking technology for Security Doors in an article published by Security Journal UK.

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SJUK magazine page March 2022

Press Release: New Fascias & Mounting Options for Solenoid Locks

Industry: Security

Our popular solenoid-based locking modules, including Type 60 & 61 right-angled shotbolts, the Cabinet Lock and Electric Mini Bolt, now have new front panels and optional fascia plates to make them easy to install. Some models also feature matching keepers for locking and slam-shut applications.

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PR: New Marine Grade Electric Bolt Lock is Fully Enclosed

Industry: Marine, Security

Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL) announces an all-new locking shotbolt aimed at users in demanding marine or harsh environments. The electric lock module is called EBL‑W. It features MSL’s renowned solenoid technology in a secure, sealed maintenance-free enclosure.

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Electric Bolt Lock Weatherproof

PR: New Electric Bolt Lock Suits Industrial Security Applications

Industry: Security, Building

Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL) announces a fully re-engineered range of electric shotbolts for demanding industrial use. The EBL-I range is a new robust electric bolt design that feature MSL's renowned solenoid technology to deliver total reliability in all locking applications.

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IFSEC 2015 PR: Extended Bespoke Shotbolt Design for Direct End-users

IFSEC 2015 PR: The engineering design and development team at Magnet Schultz Ltd, undisputed masters of all things solenoid, has extended its flexible shotbolt design service to cater directly to application end-users across the security industry and other sectors.

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Marine ramp lock

IFSEC 2015 PR: New Full Turnkey Service Delivers Complete Solenoid-based Solutions

Industry: Security, Building

IFSEC 2015 PR: Magnet Schultz Ltd has chosen to extend its traditional solenoid subassembly design and manufacture service. To make life easier for its customers, MSL now designs and delivers entire solutions for specific applications wherever solenoid actuators are the mainstay of the system.

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