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Tiny 1050 bar Solenoid Gas Valves Target Hydrogen Energy Applications.

We have developed a timely new range of four new compact solenoid gas valves aimed at portable and static hydrogen energy applications. The valves feature small body profiles with exceptionally high-pressure capabilities. The valves in the range are designed for high-pressure cut-off, safety shut-off, proportional flow control and purge/drain applications. As well as hydrogen, they are equally suited to compressed air and compressed natural gas (CNG) applications.

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Fluid-power solenoids advantages now available in standard industrial solenoids

Industrial applications will benefit from Magnet Schultz's latest edition to the solenoid/actuator market with the launch of the Tube-Form Solenoid. A high performance solenoid, the Tube-Form Solenoid provides all the protection and lower production cost advantages associated with fluid-power solenoids yet are available as standard industrial devices.

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GSCX Shotbolt