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About Magnet Schultz Group

We have over 100 years’ experience developing and creating control mechanisms and systems with actuators at their core.

This deep understanding means our product quality, durability and efficiency make us the market leader.

No one else offers the combination of knowledge, innovation and specialist end-to-end service to large and complex manufacturing and engineering businesses.

Our solutions are widely used in industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, marine, pharmaceutical, transportation and construction. We are trusted by companies like Airbus and NASA, where failure is not an option.

Our solutions meet the following industry standards:
A strong heritage

Magnet Schultz Ltd is part of the Magnet-Schultz Group. Established in 1912, we are the most highly regarded and longest-standing manufacturer of solenoids, electromagnet and actuator systems in the world today.

Our state-of-the-art factories in Memmingen, Germany, produce literally millions of mechanisms and components every day, worth €460 million in annual sales. The Magnet Schultz Group employs 2,700 people across the world, with almost one thousand of those people serving more than 25 years with the company.

Every year we invest over €45 million in R&D and capital equipment.

In the UK we’ve been the leading solenoid specialists since 1967.

Magnet Schultz Group Companies

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