Electro Kabuki

The Electro Kabuki system designed by Magnet Schultz Ltd delivers a uniquely reliable and modular system for staged curtain drops and reveals, known as ‘kabuki drops’, to the theatrical effects industry. By applying its rigorous engineering design and development principles to the challenges of theatrical reveals, MSL has made kabuki drop effects dependable and desirable.

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Electro Kabuki Starter Pack


Luxury British sports car marque, Aston Martin, has extended its brand influence with a new performance power boat. The 37-foot craft sporting the Aston Martin name is built to the same exacting standards as the company’s celebrated cars. Owners can even choose to have their AM37 craft built to match the colour of their Aston Martin car, albeit with paint manufactured to marine-grade specifications for quality and durability.

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Due to their location, especially if positioned close to a building undergoing renovation or construction, portable accommodation units used on construction sites are sometimes required to be ‘Fire Rated’. An industry-leading portable accommodation manufacturer, Stackright Ltd, has partnered with specialist-purpose electromagnetic mechanisms specialist Magnet Schultz Ltd to develop a technology solution for Fire Rated Accommodation units. These must satisfy the directives detailed in the ‘Fire Prevention on Construction Sites: The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation.

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HDH Cash-in-transit

We’re all aware of security when carrying cash. But spare a thought for those tasked with transporting and guarding large sums of money. It goes without saying that security is a major issue for the ‘Cash in Transit’ (CIT) sector. Thanks to innovations by specialist Cash In Transit equipment manufacturers HDH, in partnership with Magnet Schultz Ltd, intelligent lock technology ups the ante – and there’s a range of surprises in store for anyone accessing cash boxes illicitly.

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Griffon Hoverwork

In July 2016, Southampton-based Hovertravel introduced an all-new passenger hovercraft on its popular route from Portsmouth to Ryde on the Isle of Wight. The vessel is unusual in one specific way: it is the first commercial hovercraft to allow ‘forward passenger access’ via two over-the-bow ramps. This payload access configuration has previously been the sole preserve of military hovercraft. That convenient and easy access was partly made possible by a unique collaboration between manufacturer Griffon Hoverwork Ltd and the UK’s leading solenoid design company, Magnet Schultz Ltd.

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Hothouse Design Partners & Vodafone

Magnet Schultz Ltd was chosen as the actuator system design partner by Hothouse Design Partners, when they were briefed by Vodafone to create the new mobile phone charging system for London Taxis.

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Vodafone taxi charger

National Oceanography Centre

Magnet Schultz Ltd has created an electro-permanent magnet for the National Oceanography Centre for use in its Autosub6000. The Autosub Autonomous Underwater Vehicle uses purpose-designed Magnet Schultz technology to release abort weights in the event of a fault. The sub has now completed successful deep sea surveys to depths up to 4600m.

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Hewden, the UK’s largest equipment rental provider, is leading the way in the development of health & safety features on its goods-only hoists with the support of Magnet Schultz Ltd.

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Hewden goods hoist