Design and Assemblies

Custom Design Solenoids Designing Custom Assemblies

Magnet Schultz engineers can help you identify the right product for you from our wide range - quickly and efficiently.

More and more, customers draw on our expertise to prepare their application specification, design and build associated mechanisms and assemblies and carry out performance testing.

To discuss your needs, email us or call us on +44 (0)1483 794 700

The design process

From the start of a new project, we work closely with your team. We make sure we understand the big picture, your aims and priorities. Working together, we set clear and challenging technical objectives.

Magnet Schultz's design service offers you:

  • Bright ideas, innovative thinking
  • Value for money - we earn our keep
  • Clear and regular communication
  • Prototype testing, ensuring the design meets its objectives and allowing for continuous improvement.
  • Parallel testing and field trials, leading to improved performance.